• BenchMark Commercial

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  • BenchMark Business Broker

    Experienced real estate agents consult with agressive parties that intend to buy or sell an operating business.
  • BenchMark Joint Ventures

    Will combine the interest of others to provide experience, financing & know how.
  • BenchMark Investors

    Hands on guidance and consultation is provided to sophisticated or new investors in the pursuit of income returns.
  • Accelerated Bid Forms

    Allows for the Client to make a bid to purchase, utilizing a simplified form geared to deliver a non-binding offer containing more details than a Letter of Intent, but to be followed up with a purchase contract when accepted by the seller. Serious Buyers do not have time to waste.
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  • Texas Real Estate Options

    Joint Ventures are formed to identify and seek opportunities in real estate and or business operations that possess added value while delivering an exit stratergy.
  • JLA Realty